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Sophie's Story

Your healing journey is personal and I take it seriously because I’ve been where you are.

I discovered this field only after a series of personal challenges shook my world to a breaking point. I had gastrointestinal issues from an early age. When I finally made it to a GI specialist he diagnosed me with IBS, which is a common diagnosis that doctors use when they can’t find a smoking gun. He prescribed an acid reducer, told me to limit certain foods and that I would likely live like this forever.

Seven years later I was in an emotionally abusive relationship, didn’t recognize it initially and did not have the necessary coping skills to protect myself or manage my stress.  In addition to the regular gastric symptoms from my IBS, my hair started falling out, my nails were constantly breaking, I was indescribably cold and had dry skin all the time. I was fatigued beyond description – barely able to move and it didn’t matter if I had had eight or 15 hours of sleep the night before. And if I’m honest, I was also depressed and anxious. My PCP diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism and put me on a synthetic hormone. Six months later my symptoms returned, but this time she couldn’t do anything to help me because my blood levels were within the acceptable range.

My life truly changed when I met with a fantastic functional medicine doctor who got to the root of my illness. He discovered that in addition to hypothyroidism, I had developed leaky gut syndrome and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease that can cause Hypothyroidism.  He told me he had a way to rectify how I was feeling, but I would have to give up a lot in the process and it wouldn’t be easy. As hard as it was to go on an extreme elimination diet and drink disgusting supplements, after seven weeks we started adding foods back and seeing when and if I would have reactions. I could feel my energy increasing rapidly; my body getting stronger each day; my hair stopped falling out; my nails stopped being so brittle; and I no longer lived in fear of nasty reactions to eating. My functional medicine doctor gave me my life back!

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Today, after 4 years of following good health practices, I am in a supportive relationship, have maintained my ideal weight and don’t live in the shadow of my illness.  I went back to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I took courses on:

·       100 different dietary theories,

·       food production,

·       core coaching skills, and

·       guiding clients to balance and improve important aspects of their lives outside of nutrition – such as stress, their career, exercise, spirituality, etc.

After my INHC certification, I enrolled in a doctor approved Hormone Course that I will complete in April of 2018. This specialization in hormone health in conjunction with my own personal story allows me to support women with their hormones, gut and overall health so they can thrive!


So my only question is - are you ready to take your life back?