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The SHE Approach

Feed your Body, Fuel your Heart

Shepherd Healing Essentials is a safe haven if you have plateaued with your health goals and need to find a solution when you’ve been told there isn’t one. Unlike in traditional medicine where specialists consider the individual parts of your body and treat the associated illnesses, I consider the whole person and focus on how to optimize YOUR health and wellbeing – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  When you work with me, you get to set the tone of your life, find out what feels great for you and identify what doesn’t serve you without the fear of being judged. I will support you as we work through all the factors that make you, you -  and together we will design a step-by-step wellness plan for your life. We will dive into your diet & nutrition but also your sleep patterns, relationships, social life, nutrition, physical activity, career and much more.

Your healing journey is not just about the food you put into your body, it also includes the nourishment & balance of your whole life.


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Take time to refuel. You are worth it. 

We are all so busy that it can be really easy to not do the things that refuel us.  Together we will find time to strengthen your body – be it regular cardio, yoga, strength training etc.


Eat right for you. 

Eating right for you means finding which foods make you feel incredible without adverse side effects. Throughout all the varying nutritional theories, one thing holds true – we are all “bio individuals” and therefore one-person food could be another person’s poison. Whether your focus is on reducing belly fat or diabetes, stopping emotional eating, increasing your energy or trying a new diet plan like Ketogenic, Paleo or Vegetarian, I will be there to support and guide you.

When in doubt, crowd out!


Rather than giving you a list of foods not to eat, we will focus on healthy foods to add in.  You'll find how simply trying something new easily crowds out foods & habits that aren't serving you.


TAME and Reframe.

Stress is a killer! Finding time in your week to juggle your career, friendships and family life all while getting enough sleep can be stressful. We will find ways to incorporate good sleep hygiene, utilize time management tools, and cultivate ways to manage your stress in order to shift your mindset & help you breathe easier. A positive mindset and intentions will help you overcome life’s greatest challenges.